Jack Bin

Jack Bin

11 things You Didn't Know About Jack Bin.

Name: Jack Bin
On January 26, 2017 Muunga Wilondja 
Change his Name To Jack Bin for his singing Job
Real Name: Muunga Wilondja
Muunga Wilondja is a Espicial Name that be 
given to an twin boy who born from Tanzania
Date Of Birth: June 14, 2004
On June 14, 2004 Jack Bin was born in Tanzania
Skin Color: Brown
Jack Bin skin color is brown
Eye Color: Brown
Color of eye of Jack Bin is Brown
Hair Color: Black
Hair Color of Jack Bin is Black
Nationality: Tanzanian
Nationality Of Jack Bin is Tanzania
His Mother: Sakina Selemani
Real Mother of Jack Bin Sakina Selemani
His Father: Wilondja Luuchi
Real Father Of Jack Bin is Wilondja Luuchi
His First Brother: Michael Luuchi
The First Person to be born in Wilondja's Family was Michael Luuchi
His Twin: Eto Wilondja
Jack Bin is a twin brother of Eto wilondja is his twin Sister


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